Exoplanet Detection & Characterization

[A Very Brief Synopsis]

The NASA space missions Kepler and TESS have demonstrated that planets are ubiquitous, completely revolutionizing exoplanet science. In fact, one of the most signficant Kepler discoveries was the prevalance of planets between the sizes of Earth and Neptune, something for which our very own solar system lacked an analogue.

KOI 4: Kepler's First Exoplanet Discovery

Kepler's First Planet (Chontos et al. 2019)

K2 93 [HIP 41378]

HIP 41378 - the most well-studied RV multi (Lund, Knudstrup, Silva Aguirre, Basu, Chontos et al. 2019)

TOI 197

Model fit for TOI 197

The first TESS asteroseismic host (Huber, Chaplin, Chontos et al. 2019)

Model fit for TOI 197