Punahou Speaker Series

I connected with a vibrant, enthusiastic high-school science teacher through a different outreach event in 2017, Tiffany Coke, who teaches an upper-level elective astronomy class at Punahou School. Over the first semester and for our trial run, her and I organized times for various astronomy graduate students to visit her class and talk to her students about their research.

Above: Our very first talk by IfA grad Michael Tucker, teaching the students about various transient research.

After the first semester, the high school students were asked to review their experience and really loved it, which was equally (arguably more) rewarding for the grad students as well. Therefore I continued to organize these classes, with enough grad student volunteers that I could align relevant research topics with the class curriculum. Ultimately, this became a permanent part of her class and the near-peer mentoring still continues to this day!

Solar System Walk


Lacy Veach Day

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